Saturday, 2 May 2009

Marketing rule 1a

Two posts ago (10th April) i wrote that you only need one marketing rule, be interesting. Well it is two weeks on and i want to add another one. I am trying to stretch it so it is part of rule, rule 1a?

Rule 1a is 'Be where they are'.

You have probably used this in every pitch involving digital so it is not original but it highlights the importance of media context as well as the opportunity to exploit search, social media and digital influence. It is pretty difficult to argue with rule 1a when we see how much consumers rely on search and peer opinion when purchasing anything more sophisticated than toilet duck. You regularly see figures like 90% plus using search before making a purchase on or off line. Last week i researched trainers, found out about over and underpronation (exactly), went to the store, happened to remember the brand and product; Brooks, Adrenaline. Then bought them up. Unfortunately for the marketing manager at Brooks they couldn't track this.

So the only marketing rules you need are :-

1. Be interesting
1a. Be where they are

I wont be adding any more rules in the forseeable future.

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  1. Isn't this the Spanish Inquisition rule of Marketing?

  2. Some rules are external. Some internal. Rule 3 (1 internal) innovation marketing - try something new; test, learn, apply. Repeat.

  3. No, overruled. Surely innovation comes under be interesting; and optimisation is just good discipline rather than a rule.

    However you could say have no rules just test and learn which is an interesting POV.


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