Sunday, 24 May 2009

The end of awareness

Why do we still measure awareness? I suppose it allows us to justify the media schedule but some brands still treat it as the key measure. We have measured it historically because it was the easiest thing to measure and the measure most likely to shift. So that gave us a warm feeling.

However we should be more focused on things like ... Do you find this brand interesting, or different or appealing. Do you prefer it? Nothing else really matters - apart from whether they buy it or not.

I recognise this means it is even harder to separate the impact of the advertising and communications from the product or brand experience but unfortunately that is tough. It definitely doesn't work that way any more, assuming it ever did. I can think a brand is the coolest thing in the thing in the world but if 16 out of 37 reviews say it is crap i am not going to buy it.

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  1. however good reviews are hard to come by and most are based on recyled copy from another site or people with a different agenda to just reviewing the product, I don't think people purchase just by reviews, for example a price cut could counter a so called crap review. Value for money still appies alongside quality of product. I agree awareness is not measurable and little bit flacky when it comes to stats that marketing can use, but you can't sell any units of product if know one knows about it.


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