Friday, 14 November 2014

Emotional and not rational aren't the same

When i see headlines that tell me emotion in marketing is important i feel uncomfortable, probably as uncomfortable as your colleagues outside marketing feel. I want to question it. Understand what they mean by emotion. I want to know the context. 'You never got fired for hiring IBM' is an extremely rational message, expressed emotively. Different point. Perhaps emotion is just the wrong word. To be honest i think it is inaccurate, it just screams total irrationality. I just love the blue collage. And i dont believe anyone is suggesting this.

However if we said.

Buyers use intuition, certainly when shortlisting. They don't have all the information so they cant be purely rational. People buy from people they like. Some decision makers look to minimise risk, maintain status quo rather than optimise every decision. You would nod and agree not all decisions are 100% rational. It is just when we say purchase are emotional, we lose the audience.

Perhaps if left it as buyers cant afford the resources and time to make every purchase a rational one we wouldn't be having this debate.

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Why emotion is important in B2B


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