Saturday, 13 April 2013

Show your mum want marketers do all day

The joke goes although i am not sure it was necessarily meant as a joke was that the client and agency like big marketing campaigns because at least they don't have to explain to their mums what they do. I am not so sure it is marketing who love big visible high profile campaigns. If sales, the MD or COO don't see your campaign in the specialist press or perhaps if you are lucky enough to have a big budget on TV then the inference is "what are those fools in marketing up to all day".  A really smart and devious marketer circumnavigated this issue by purchasing a few outdoor sites en route to the head office; i only have admiration for that level of Machiavellian thought. Nevertheless the irony is that the people in the business who want you to improve lead quality and conversion are often the same people encouraging you to play a bigger budget volume game.

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