Friday, 19 June 2009

Top tips on how to get the worst out of your agency

  1. Don't brief them just ask them to do an ad or a letter or something.
  2. Never write anything down for them.
  3. Definitely don't give feedback, why should they have any clues.
  4. Make sure they understand that anyone who has money is in the target market.
  5. Under no circumstances provide information that suggests your product or service is different in any way shape or form.
  6. If they question this remind your agency of the power of your brand.
  7. BUT Provide attachments, as many as you can find. Too much knowledge can't be a bad thing.
  8. Talk about samples of one and your neighbours experience as much as you can.
  9. Never tell them the results of the campaigns or impact on sales
  10. Only allow a couple of days for them to produce the work, afterall writing can't be that difficult.
  11. Ensure that they work at cost, profits just go on long lunches anyway.
  12. Draw a concept for them in the briefing meeting, and tell them what your boss likes to see.
  13. Ask them to communicate as much as feasibly possible in anything they do.
  14. On no account ever present to them.

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