Thursday, 26 April 2012

Boris gets his marigolds on

The gov London remove graffiti, clean up your city ad is jaw droppingly lacking in insight, it makes me want to run out and buy some spray cans. To paraphrase
''... you know how you tidy up the flat when your mum comes round, well get this. It is not your mum, it's the world and it's not your flat it's London and its the Olympics. Lets clean up London.'

Only problem is you don't tidy up when your mum comes round, you sweep everything under the carpet, hide the recreational drugs and this i suspect is a far better analogy. And couldn't the advertising have used a bit of behavioural economics, we are not talking Jedi mind tricks. Focus on numbers involved, added a competitive edge, some reciprocation, set a target. Not just please do the stuff we can't be bothered to or forgot to cost in when we promised to open London to the world.

Then it starts to unravel in your hands. It is backed by 'P&G' because ... they make lots of cleaning products. Everyone must have been frothing over with excitement in that workshop.

I am still a bit confused by the strategy.

Q. Are we just tidying up the bits mum can see, can we leave a load of rubbish in the lodgers room?

Q. What happens next year, will the London Gov sponsorship pass to Dulux so we can get back to normal?

Q. Has the Eton for London election got anything to do with it?

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