Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rewiring business brains

Where do i save a presentation to a client on social media and CRM? Do i save it under the client name or under a discipline? Or both?

When the 4 and 5 year olds of today grow up they won't know what filing is. They may not even understand the concept of folders. That is because everything will be tagged, they will think in terms of search even now i have given up saving files in neat folders on the computer. Save it anywhere and find it again with google desktop. They will also think video. A Forrester type organisation estimate that 91% of new content in 2014 will be video. YouTube is already the world's no 2 search engine.

Increasingly we will struggle to think in linear terms, we will think more by concept association. Even now generation x, or y or is it z, reared on digital struggle to tell structured stories but what they are very good at is managing lots of different thoughts and not worrying about how everything connects. They use their right brain to make sure it feels alright rather than worrying whether something is watertight. Mr Logic has been allowed to put his feet up.

So going back to presentations and presenting information i suspect the new way to illustrate complex ideas will be increasingly be via images, video and pictures; documents will not be structured in a a linear order but the different sections will be hyperlinked. Clients may ask for a 3 minute video pitch rather than charts.

I am sure this 'rewiring' has big social and educational implications but for the moment the thought of less powerpoint is a pretty good one.

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