Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The new marketing funnel(s)

Thought i would share a couple of versions of the new marketing funnel, not exactly original but i really like the idea of ... long listing ... the notion that customers decide their initial selection maybe wrong after doing their research ... the acknowledgment that (digital allows) the added value relationship to start before the purchase ... brand 'exchangement' (whatever i mean by that, i have not fully thought that through but i wanted to make it more tangible than engagement) ... and that everything can change at the POS.

I also wanted to make it business friendly, something clients could put metrics against rather than just being told it's complex, and the customer is in control (even more so than last time we presented). Any thoughts appreciated or perhaps you have used something similar successfully.

See the other version below, it has a bit more detail and is a wee bit different.


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