Thursday, 8 October 2009

Customer centric vending

.... don't worry i can get some ... give me two minutes. Headache, what now? Don't go anywhere. I'll be back.

Its Anadin, what do you think it is.

That was a one off, but just in case i got something small, hard, shiny and comes in a canister.

... not a lot of garlic, why?

3 or will 2 be enough ... any brand preference?

The vending machines in the mens (mid market hotel) sell condoms, condoms - coloured, condoms - with Ferraris (why speed?) on the pack, something for erectile disfunction (whatever that is), headache tablets and, of course, mints

Great thinking. Good marketers solve a customer problem, they sell the solution - not the product. I get the nagging feeling they are missing a trick but cant think what that would be or whether it would fit in a vending machine?

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