Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Aldi recoil

Disasters tend to bring people together, people suddenly help those they wouldn't previously have given the time of day to. So could the recession and depression spark a sense of solidarity, collaboration and even responsibility?

If it does I suspect the marketing industry may not be too far behind and we could see a host of buy British campaigns, of course no one would be as gauche as to say buy British explicitly, that is far too Leyland. But if the likes of the privatised utility companies, Ford (i know they are not), WH Smiths, Tescos, rail companies and any other semi private-public-institution-large UK-ish company start telling us how hard they are trying, we may feel like supporting them to save a few jobs or just to convince ourselves we have done something positive. I expect you would get the government joining in with the noise - now that intervention has been given the green light thanks to a) us destroying the environment and b) bankers.

Sounds silly? You know the chorus well enough by now. If i had said to you last year that some UK coal mines would reopen and be more become profitable than lets say banking ...

Instead of the Aldi or Lidle effect we can call it the Aldi recoil effect.

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