Saturday, 28 March 2009

Inactive sponsorship

I am sure i am setting myself up for a fall and will be accused of being too left brain about this but I don't really get a sponsorship. What do Samsung get out of sponsoring Chelsea? What return on investment does Vodafone get from England Cricket. I think they call this passive sponsorship.

I definitely understand sponsorship when there is a shared relevance so Flora sponsoring the London Marathon and, is it, Pedigree sponosoring Crufts Dog Show. And it is even better when a sponsorship is active or strategic, where the sponsorship showcases the product or service. So I am thinking IBM and Wimbledon, Ariel and Championship Whites, SAP and HP in F1.

Can anyone explain what they get out of logo sponsorship?


  1. Well i suppose that the executives of those companies love those respective sports and clubs... I think it's an easy way to get a luxury box and have all there friends invited to the game... At the end of the day everyone wants to be the kool kid... and what makes you kooler than everyone else without any effort? Spending lots of money... it makes you kooler if it isn't yours. Drinks anyone?

  2. of course i just looked up and realized that i watch sports on my samsung television... lol

  3. I suppose if it was as black and white as i was suggesting then we wouldn't be debating it.


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