Sunday, 25 January 2009

Not paid enough?

I have always been confused why marketing is not better rewarded. They grow profits by attracting customers and increasing their long term value. Intuitively it feels good, businesses worship growth.

But there again an accountant can save the company millions by hedging against changes in exchange rate or against oil prices (although i know of one budget airline that forgot to do this) or depreciating capital equipment at a faster rate through some neat sleight of hand. Intellectually it is not very imaginative, a bit black and white. So why the big rewards?

I know some of the arguments.

Share price, short termism of the city, easier to measure the impact of savings, paid on a % of savings etc. And i am pretty sure the guy who came up with every little helps (culture not just an ad line by the way) got a whole lot less than many jobbing in the procurement department.

However given the recent activity it is clear that financial roles are far more valuable than i realised. Businesses that have not managed their cash flow, suppliers and balance sheets are going under. And clearly it must be difficult because so many who get paid so much got it badly wrong, which goes back to my first point.


  1. My opinion: people take good marketers for granted because we make it look so easy. Just like any Joe thinks they can be a TV anchor, anyone thinks they can do ads or marketing campaigns.

    Our success is based on our talent and we should be rewarded for it. My advice for anyone who wants to earn a decent income: get out of the agency business.

  2. Agree, and made me laugh. You have put me off being a TV anchor - if this career doesn't pan out.


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